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Working with an experienced team is vital to the framework of any project. Quality control and consistent results are key to your reputation and success. Allow us to guide you in finding the right style, material selection, and dimensions to complete your project successfully.

AK has established itself as the premium source for bathtubs. Offering an extraordinary selection of natural stone & copper tubs. We have been providing our clients with the finest selection of materials and designs. Proving you with your dream bathtub. We continue in the traditions long established with two of the most durable + oldest building materials: copper & stone.

Stone has be the building block for centuries. It has never gone out of style nor has will it. Marble due to its natural qualities has been the premier stone of choice. The Romans carved marble bathtubs for their lavish spas. Turkish baths are covered in marble columns, tiles and statues. There really is nothing quit like natural stone. Many man-made products try and replicate it but it just isn’t the same. Knowing that you are getting into a real travertine bath makes all the difference.

The inherent qualities of each stone make the tubs a uniquely different even if the specifications are the same. Weather it’s the pits of the travertine or the veining of the Italian Carrera marble you will see what makes your tub special. While we are underdevelopment please make sure to visit our other websites to view marble tubs. Once you purchase one of our tubs you will never need to purchase a new one again. This will stay stylish the rest of your life.